Marketing & Taxes Seminar On DVD
  • Marketing & Taxes Seminar On DVD

Marketing & Taxes Seminar On DVD


DVD for Marketing, Advertising & Promotion and IRS & Taxes:

This Seminar on DVD covers:

  • 3+ hours of Marketing, Advertising & Promotion PLUS IRS and TAXES class.
  • Dept of Labor Rules on Independent Contractor Versus Employee Relationships and Rules.

You will learn a multitude of inexpensive strategies to help you increase your clientele and thus your income. DVD also shows many ways in which to maintain those clients you do obtain.

Many of the strategies and suggestions are those I and my office staff used to bring our clientele to over 28 patient visits daily on the average as well as to bring my business to over $500,000 a year in the late 80's and 90's.

DVD time is reduced to avoid all of the breaks and inaudible period

The portion on TAXES will open your eyes and make you aware of the deductions you may be able to take, how to deduct mileage and auto expenses. All about deducting your home as an office and IF you should and when. This DVD will show you a lot about taxes as well as the rules on how to hire and be hired. Too often lately people are being misclassified as independent contractors when in fact they are truly employees.

If you are the one hiring or the one hiring you happens to incorrectly classify workers and are found to have done so by the Dept of Labor or IRS the untold nightmares begin. The one hiring will have to refile paperwork and face penalties and interest as well as be required to pay back taxes, workers' compensation and unemployment fees. This won't be on just the one but on all employees or those who have been determined to be incorrectly classified. Not only for one year but for as far back as possibly 3 years.

Hire and be hired RIGHT from the very beginning!! Play it safe, learn the rules up front to save headaches and all that goes with it.