Insurance Billing & Practice Building Print Manual
  • Insurance Billing & Practice Building Print Manual

Digital - Insurance Billing & Practice Building MANUAL - All Inclusive


This is the Number #1 and 1st ever, easy to read, often imitated, always referred to, (since 1989-90), always updated, Comprehensive Guide to Insurance Billing Procedures, Laws & Rules combined with Marketing, Practice Building, Tax Saving Strategies for seasoned or newly graduated therapists.

DIGITAL Version - Manual with All Patient Intake & Documentation Forms Downloadable


This manual also serves to guide other health care providers such as acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors and biofeedback specialists

Manipulate Your Future is a comprehensive guide to learn to accept insurance cases, get the prescription right for your services, verify and /or authorize coverage, interview the patient, document your services legally, ethically and accurately, submit a clean claim to prevent denials, delays and reductions, protects you from unsuspected fraudulent activity, record your payments and put the money in your bank!!

395 pages of not only insurance billing procedures but over 150 strategies , ideas and suggestions for obtaining and retaining your clients. Plus 100 Legal, Medical and Insurance Terms, Independent Contractor vs Employee Rules, IRS & Taxes Section and so much more.

Keep the money you make by knowing what you can and cannot deduct on your income taxes. Play it safe, take the deductions you need to save the money you work hard to earn.

Not sure if you are an employee or those you hire? Or if they or you are an independent contractor? Then this manual will set you straight on this issue as will the Marketing and Taxes Seminar on DVD.

There is so much more in this manual, do not waste another minute of your massage career without it. The knowledge and ability to move forward will pay for itself with your first new client/patient you get because of information in this manual.

Do you need CE Credits? Check out the Home Study Course on this website which includes this manual.

You now also have a choice of Print and Digital download version.

Anyone who purchases or has purchased a hard copy manual or Digital / download version will recieve a FREE updated digital copy when we complete the editing. It may take awhile, no reminders necessary.