Following are a few testimonies I have received regarding seminars, manuals & homestudy courses.

Seminar at my home Dec. 2005. An email says:

"My very dear Vivian & John, 

I reached home last nite at 11:30 pm from my trip to TN - long day yesterday!!! Thank you so very much for welcoming me as you both did....It was hard for me to drive away that nite from your driveway! What a wonderful day we had together!!! The seminar was wonderful , but most of all, I am so glad I have you both as friends in my life now! Love you both too...you have a friend for life now (me!)
Lots of Love & with hugs"

— Bomi Santa Cruz, CA

Seminar at my home Dec. 2005. A thank you card says:
"Thank you for the best seminar I have ever attended! The warm & loving energy you both have is a wonderful gift. It is a rarity these days to meet people who are so willing to share all their knowledge. You have given me the tools I need to work on a new aspect of my business. With much love & respect."

— Maxine "Elizabeth" H. Tullahoma, TN

An email says:
"Greetings Viv,
I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I received my home study course / materials yesterday. :) This morning I opened the package to just *check it all out*.......

....Four and a half hours later....!! I emerged from my learning cocoon. THANK YOU for making a, (let's face it, not the most fun topic) of insurance and billing so palatable!

You've made it so engaging by interjecting your personal experience and wisdom, which is just priceless.I feel like I learned so much just from my first study session. I know that this is going to be a very valuable learning & reference tool for me as I build my practice. Thank you so much for all your hard work and willingness to share your experience and knowledge."

— Kimberly T. Glendale AZ

"Vivian this will be a great ongoing reference tool. I appreciate the little extra comments about your personal experiences and situations you have encountered along the way. Thank you for keeping notes over all the years and for being brave enough & confident enough to proceed with what will bring success to future massage therapists in their insurance adventure. You are a true pioneer."

— Teresa M. Antioch TN

"You answered my email faster than friends respond! I appreciate this very much. This manual information has made me feel at ease about working with insurance billing."

— Anne M. S. Albany, NY

"Vivian has really helped me to understand everything clearly, everything is in the book!!!"

— Amanda L.

"Wow!! This manual is so informative and not a big bore. I actually am learning a lot. I appreciated the honesty within the manual from life experiences. Thank You!"

— Tammy B. Syracuse NY

"For me, it could only be better if I could attend an 'in person' seminar. These books are invaluable"

— Karen P. Vero Beach, Fl

"Written clearly & to the point, no needless fluff"

— Richard B Port Richey FL

"This book is AWESOME!!! It is not only good for massage therapists but insurance companies as well"

— Head of Fraud Unit "of a Major Insurance Company" (Name of person & Ins. Co. omitted because I did not have direct permission to print his statement).

"This manual was extremely informative & easy to understand"

— Lisa R. Quincy FL

"Great manual, well thought out"

— Frank W. Fl

"Excellent, thorough, educational & informative"

— David A. Boulder CO

"Very easy to understand, excellent information. I have enjoyed using your information and have applied it in many situations."

— Traci Bakeelia FL

"Thank you! This written material combined with your phone and email support serve as a powerful guide & mentor to help therapists through this insurance maze"

— Jason C. Asheville NC

"You have made it so much easier for me to give insurance cases a try. I found the forms to be invaluable, thank you"

— Bryan L. Bradenton FL

"GREAT Book, easy to follow & understand. Any question I still had I was able to call Vivian & she helped me with them."

— Peggy B. San-Pierre IN

"Thanks Vivian, we love you! you have truly made this easy and very clear to understand."

— Matthew G. OKC OK

"Thank you Vivian! Your kindness and generosity has made a huge difference in the quality of life for an individual who will probably never meet you, but whose life is better because of you. My client got such a boost from your good will & just knowing that someone was going to help has made a major difference in him. He has gotten past that wall of being overwhelmed and is able to help himself more. He had already looked over his policy as you suggested and found that massage is not excluded. And the frosting on the cake is that he has now gotten a check from the insurance. This was the calmest I had seen him in weeks.

"Thank you for allowing me to attend the mini-seminar last Tuesday. It was so informative & I know I will refer to your manual often. Being able to hear questions & comments from others was very beneficial because they knew what to ask.

"My best to your wonderful husband, too."

— Sandy G. Delray Beach FL

"Wonderful manual /course, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication. I know this will make my first steps into insurance billing easy ones."

— Michelle F.S. Satsuma FL

"Thank you for providing a manual & course which covers all LMT's need to know & for giving us such an opportunity to do this."

— Desserey B. Mt. Enterprise TX

"I really enjoyed this manual & found it to be thorough, professional & easy to follow"

— David C. Anchorage AK

"I loved the forms, definitions and terminology"

— Chantil B. Bethel WA

"Vivian, I have not been able to put your manual down. I take it and read it everywhere I go. In fact just tonight my husband said to me, 'That book you are reading needed to be a cookbook.' When I asked him why, he informed me that I had just burnt our dinner."

— Tracy T. Dallas Texas