Massage Office Software Pro 2016
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Massage Office Software Pro 2016




New features in MOPRO 2016


  • WikiTX™ Treatment Notes with Quick Complete
  • Symbol Stamps for anatomical image
  • ICD-10 table with over 200 common ICD-10 Codes
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion chart
  • Program Preferences to set custom defaults
  • Medications Tracker with WebPDR access
  • Marketing Templates
  • Date Picker on Billing screen to control billing & payment dates
  • Reports (Client Statements, Income Reports, etc)

MOPRO 2016 – Detailed Feature List

Core Features


  • Condition Advisor
  • Checkbook Style Expense Tracking
  • Electronic Insurance Billing with 02/2012 CMS-1500
  • Expanded Gift Certificate Tracking
  • Company Logo Utility
  • Direct access to business and marketing templates from the menu
  • Easy to use toolbar and menu
  • Setup Wizard to help you get started
  • Learning Database to help you learn
  • Remote Support via Citrix GoToAssist
  • Simple in-app credit card processing
  • User Name and Password protection

Client Manager


  • Scan or attach and store documents like intake forms, images and referral letters with each client record
  • Choose up to 3 conditions per client from the Condition Advisor
  • Unlimited client records (Limited only by computer disk space)
  • Clean, intuitive screens that are easy to navigate
  • Purchasing statistics displayed for each client
  • All dates are calendar driven. Adjusts for date formats in other countries
  • All phone numbers are displayed
  • Gender specific icons in name field
  • Indexing (Practitioner can type a few letters of client’s name and cursor will jump to that client in the client list)
  • Email directly from the client screen. (Requires local email program like Outlook or Windows Mail)
  • 4 custom fields to store data like: condition, music, temperature, etc.

Condition Advisor


  • Over 150 conditions with definitions, causes, symptoms, indicated treatments and contraindications!
  • Reviewed by Susan G. Salvo, MEd, LMT, author of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists 3rd edition
  • Scan or attach Related Resource documents and files to each condition for future reference
  • Add website links for quick access
  • Build your referral network by choosing a referral resource for each condition
  • Create your own treatments and contraindications for each condition

Comprehensive SOAP Notes


  • New WikiTX text boxes with Quick Complete
  • New Symbol Stamps to make notations on images even faster
  • Default male & female chart loads automatically.
  • Features 10 coloring buttons, which can be renamed by practitioner
  • Type text (annotate) on your SOAP picture
  • Library of anatomical pictures to choose from for drawing SOAP charts
  • Practitioner can add pictures to the library (scanned, digital camera, or from the Internet)
  • Copy feature provides quick notes updating
  • More complete and detailed treatment notes without additional typing. One glance tells the whole story!

Complete Income Payment Tracking


  • Custom notes box for each invoice
  • Integrated Credit card processing
  • Add, remove or edit items on the invoice at check-out
  • Billing screen is extremely easy to understand and use
  • Improved handling for issuing and applying credits
  • Post partial payments (like patient co-pay)
  • Maintain client account balances
  • Print receipts customized with your logo
  • Create NEW 02/2012 CMS-1500 Insurance Billing directly from billing screen

Expense Tracking (checkbook style)


  • Track & display expenses by month, year or custom date range
  • Gives total for displayed period
  • Track purchases by category and supplier
  • Print expense reports

Enhanced Gift Certificate Tracking


  • User-Defined certificate numbers
  • Amount, Date Purchased, Purchased By and Sold By
  • Date Redeemed and Redeemed By
  • Open or Redeemed status indicator

Appointment Scheduler


  • Integrated with billing. From appointment to printed receipt in 3 clicks with no data entry!
  • Provides “Drag & Drop” re-scheduling
  • “Drag and Copy” feature makes setting multiple appointments a breeze!
  • Scheduling for multiple practitioners and rooms in multiple offices
  • Color coding on calendar for multiple practitioners
  • Recurring appointments tool
  • Zoom feature allows you see more at a glance
  • Print the schedule right from the calendar screen

Enhanced CMS – 1500 Insurance Billing


  • Electronic Insurance billing through Office Ally
  • Store and auto-fill ICD-9 (diagnosis) codes. ICD-10 ready! NEW!
  • Create CMS directly from Billing screen
  • Copy a detailed CMS to a new CMS with one click. Allows fast and accurate creation of new insurance bills. Just verify and edit data as needed
  • CMS forms grouped with a specific event (date of injury, illness etc.)
  • CMS forms auto fill from referring physician, client tracking, referring attorney, and insurance carrier screens—the CMS form is completely filled out for the practitioner, a headache made simple! Just check it, save it, print it!

Backup and Restore


  • Backs up database, treatment notes/pictures, customized reports and templates
  • Backup Wizard makes it easy to protect your data

Product Inventory Management


  • Stock on hand with a low-stock warning
  • Income/cost reporting
  • Maintains all supplier information

Custom Report Generator


  • Practitioner editable reports, custom designed reports.
  • New and expanded reports through the Advanced Reports screen
  • Enhanced “Easy Reports” screen for quick access to commonly used reports

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • 2 Gigabytes of memory (RAM)
  • 200 megabytes of available hard disk space
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows